Acupuncture is a healing modality used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Very fine, solid, sterile needles are inserted at specific points, on the body to stimulate a therapeutic response. Each acupuncture treatment is tailored to the current needs of the patient. An initial visit includes an in-depth health history, a review of all medications, a physical assessment, and acupuncture treatment. The practitioner may utilize bodywork and write an herbal prescription as appropriate at no additional cost.

90 min. Initial consult and treatment: $125

60 min. Follow-up treatment: $100

A discount of 10% off on packages of 4 or more is available.

Chinese Herbal Consultation

Chinese herbs are used to treat both acute and chronic conditions. An herbal consultation consists of an in-depth review of your health history, your current symptoms, and all of your medications. A custom herbal prescription will be written for you, with directions on how to use it and follow-up instructions.

60 min. Initial Herbal Consultation: $75

30 min. Follow-up consultation: $50


TCM includes several forms of bodywork.

Cupping creates suction on the skin to promote circulation at a deeper level.

Tuina massage uses a “pulling and grasping” movement to address pain and other imbalances.

Reflexology uses pressure on the feet and hands to stimulate healing and relaxation throughout the body.

30 min. Bodywork only visit: $50

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